Music video for the single Singing in the rain from the self-titled debut album (released November 20th 2015). 


Worn-out blues at Loft lo-fi in Nürnberg, Germany, during Bierchen und Bühnchen 8.4.2017. Filmed by Franken Television / Late Knights.


All Wrong at Galerie Bernsteinzimmer in Nürnberg, Germany, 14.4.2016. Video by Detlef Paulig. 


In my dream at Vastavirta in Tampere, 27.5.2016. Video by Popgunfin.


On my mind at Visby Börs in Visby (Gotland, Sweden), 19.3.2016. Video by Lise Axelson / Ella Music Nation.


Nightbird is Anna-Stina Jungerstam, a Fenno-swedish singer-songwriter hailing from Vaasa, Finland, currently residing in Helsinki. Nightbird is not only roots blues that is deep in mud, but also moon gazing guitars, lone nightly bird songs, and the soundtrack for sleepless nights, with influences from old blues pioneers and a blend of American folk and Finnish forest folk music. Nightbird songs are about the passing of time, heartbreak, longing and dreams.

Quotes about Nightbird:

“This is a singer-songwriter with class. I’ve heard only a few voices that can measure up to her. And I’m not just saying this because. There’s something special about her. Everything from the way she plays the guitar, to how she sings. It can be deep and melancholic, happy and dreamy. It’s as if though there lies a magical shimmer over the stage and Nightbird is like a mythical creature, a fairy, sitting on that stage.”

“I rarely come across artists that touch me like this. The first time it happened was when I heard Ane Brun and now it’s happened again. Nightbird is a very exciting musician, who with her beautiful songs and great voice will knock down many.” Katharina Nuttall

 “That’s where I saw Nightbird play who opened up for me that night. Swedish-Finnish female singer-songwriter. Dark, intense, folk-blues songs, occasionally accompanied by her hauntingly beautiful slide guitar playing. One of those slow nights with a small audience, every one of which just sitting there mesmerised, like in a gloomy, oddly misplaced Sunday service.”Mäkkelä

Jungerstam has written songs since her early teens and has since then lived a few years in Sweden where she studied music and was in a bluesy rock band called Mud Walk, which she toured with all over Sweden and as far as the US. After her journey with the band (Mud Walk) ended in 2013, the early fragments of her own solo project were brought back to life and so the new solo project Nightbird was formed. The years 2013-2015 Nightbird toured Finland and Sweden.

Nightbird's self-titled debut solo album was released by Margit Music on November 20th 2015, produced by Katharina Nuttall (Ane Brun, Skriet) and Linus Andersson.

April 2016 saw Nightbird perform her first shows outside of Scandinavia on an intensive eight-date tour of (mostly) Germany together with Finnish-German artist Mäkkelä, with whom Nightbird collaborated on a track called Harbour Town. The duet song was officially released May 13th 2016 as part of a Mäkkelä single, and following the release of Harbour Town, they toured Sweden and Finland together in May into June 2016.

Nightbird is currently playing live shows and working on new material.



28.4 Vihreä talo (with Jari Rättyä & Käärmekeitto), Riihimäki, FIN

29.4 Semifinal (with Jari Rättyä & Käärmekeitto), Helsinki, FIN

17.5 Bar Kuka (with Mäkkelä), Turku, FIN

9.7 Finnish Blues Society: Juurihoito, Alppipuisto, Helsinki, FIN

15.7 TBA

21-22.7 Noisenäsfestivalen, Mora, Nusnäs, SWE

and more shows to be announced soon . . .


Booking & Contact:

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April 12. 2017: Club Ernst, Bistro Ernst, Vaasa, Finland.
Mäkkelä & Nightbird – inland harbours tour 2017 - 28.3-8.4.2017                                                         April 8. 2017: Bierchen & Bühnchen - Das Musik- und Kneipenfest, Gostenhof, Nürnberg, Germany.
April 7. 2017: Kulturcafe Capone, Göppingen, Germany. *
April 6. 2017: Gasthaus Anker, Filderstadt, GER 28.3 Loft LoFi, Nürnberg, Germany. *
April 5. 2017: Wohnzimmerkonzert, Karlsruhe, GER 29.3 Glockenbach Werkstatt, München, Germany.*
April 4. 2017: Cafe Brunnenhof, Trier, GER 30.3 Ladenbergen, Bergen, Germany. *
April 3. 2017: Wullberts, Dresden, GER 31.3 KWK, Hilpoltstein, Germany. *
April 2. 2017: 2.4 Odradek, Chemnitz, Germany. *
April 1. 2017: Gasthaus Gistl, Frauenau, Germany. *
March 31. 2017: KWK, Hilpoltstein, Germany. *                                                                                      March 30. 2017: Ladenbergen, Bergen, Germany. *                                                                              March 29. 2017: Glockenbach Werkstatt, München, Germany. *                                                        March 28. 2017: Loft Lo-Fi, Nürnberg, Germany. **                                                                                *with Mäkkelä, **with Mäkkelä & Isi Röessler
March 23. 2017: Säv/San - International Singer & Songwriter Festival, Tampere, Finland.
March 10. 2017: The Doo-Bop Club (with Kaain), Vaasa, Finland.
March 8. 2017: Musikcafé After Eight (with Kaain), Pietarsaari, Finland. 
January 31. 2017: Sävy-klubi, Ravintola Oiva, Helsinki, Finland. 
December 28. 2016: Tenho record and design store, Vaasa, Finland.
November 24. 2016: Skafferiet at Ritz (supporting Timshel), Vaasa, Finland.
November 23. 2016: Musikcafé After Eight (supporting Timshel), Pietarsaari, Finland.
November 1. 2016: Bar Brooklyn (supporting Aldous Harding), Debaser Strand, Stockholm, Sweden.
October 28. 2016: The Doo-Bop Club (supporting Rickard Eklund), Vaasa, Finland.
October 6. 2016: Lost in Music 2016, Bar Passion, Tampere.
September 17. 2016: Klubb Ö, Pub Bastun, Mariehamn, Åland.
September 10. 2016: Shananagans festival, Gula Villan, Handen, Stockholm.
August 19. 2016: Semifinal (with Iron Country Sisters & Skip Zone), Helsinki.
August 5. 2016: Country Club Festival, RantaKerttu, Turku, Finland.
July 31. 2016: SandvikFest 2016, Björnlunda, Sweden.
June 11. 2016: Honeymilk’s release party, (with St. Andreas, DJ’s Klubb Klipp Dig & Gonzo TV), Fotografiska, Stockholm.
June 9. 2016: Sonic Yurt (with Milena Solomun & Mike Lennie), Kahvila Tyyni, Helsinki.
June 2. 2016: Sointu Fest (Nightbird & Mäkkelä tour 2016), Ravintola Sointu, Turku.
June 1. 2016: Musta Kissa (Nightbird & Mäkkelä tour 2016), Helsinki.
May 28. 2016: Vakiopaine (Nightbird & Mäkkelä tour 2016), Jyväskylä.
May 27. 2016: Vastavirta-klubi (Nightbird & Mäkkelä tour 2016), Tammerfors.
May 26. 2016: Herkkutalo (Nightbird & Mäkkelä tour 2016), Helsinki.
May 24. 2016: Twang (Nightbird & Mäkkelä tour 2016), Stockholm.
May 23. 2016: Pusterviksbaren (Nightbird & Mäkkelä tour 2016), Gothenburg.
May 16. 2016: Kallio Kukkii: Ikkunakeikka, Dakota Factory, Helsinki.
April 29. 2016: Sweet Vaasa (with Erik Sjøholm), Vaasa, Finland.
April 17. 2016: Gute Stube, Darmstadt, Germany.
April 15. 2016: Kultur Café Capone (Nightbird & Mäkkelä feat. Isi tour 2016), Göppingen, Germany.
April 14. 2016: Galerie Bernsteinzimmer (Nightbird & Mäkkelä feat. Isi tour 2016), Nürnberg, Germany.
April 13. 2016: Bürgerhaus Glockenbachwerkstatt (Nightbird & Mäkkelä feat. Isi tour 2016), München, Germany.
April 12. 2016: KunstKulturQuartier @Egersdörfer & Artverwandte, KunstKulturQuartier, Nürnberg, Germany.
April 11. 2016: Lesecafe " O D R A D E K " (Nightbird & Mäkkelä feat. Isi tour 2016), Chemnitz, Germany.
April 10. 2016: SISU Radio / KIOSKI / DFG present: MÄKKELÄ & NIGHTBIRD (Nightbird & Mäkkelä feat. Isi tour 2016), Orange Peel, Frankfurt, Germany.
April 9. 2016: Terminus brasserie (Nightbird & Mäkkelä feat. Isi tour 2016), Sarreguemines, France.
March 26. 2016: Sointu Live, Ravintola Sointu, Turku.
March 12. 2016: Fine & Dandy (with Rikky), Café Pequeno, Helsinki.
February 13. 2016: Where’s the music?, Norrköping, Sweden,
February 11. 2016: Twang (with Love Varg), Stockholm, Sweden,
January 25. 2016: Sävy-klubi, Ravintola Oiva, Helsinki.
December 26. 2015: Holiday Show, Ritz, Vaasa.
December 11. 2015: Bar Kuka (with Judith Regwan), Turku.
December 6. 2015: XY xpress yourself, Inkonst, Malmö.
December 5. 2015: Holy Moly, Gothenburg, Sweden.
November 25. 2015: Culture Club, Musikcafé After Eight, Jakobstad, Finland.
November 20. 2015: The Doo-Bop Club (Debut album release show with Iron Country Sisters), Vaasa, Finland.
November 18. 2015: 5th Street Bar (Special Debut Album PRE-Release Show), Helsinki.
November 6. 2015: Bar Loose (with Andreas Moe & Einar Lind), Helsinki.
October 28. 2015: NIGHTBIRD at Beyond the Paper-exhibition, Tiketti Galleria, Helsinki.
September 4. 2015: Badesaison Kultifest, Kulturort Bastrasse, Fürth, Germany.
August 20. 2015: The Nightbird Night of the Arts Special, Young guests at Universum, (during the Night of the arts), Universum, Helsinki.
August 6. 2015: Night of the arts at the Doo-Bop Club, Vaasa. 
August 3. 2015: Maanantaiklubi, Kahvila Bergga, Helsinki.
July 23. 2015: Turun Asemapuiston lippakioski, Turku.
May 15. 2015: Flavour of the month (with Mäkkelä), Pikku-Torre, Turku.
April 24. 2015: Musiikkikahvila Sointu, Turku.
April 11. 2015: Bar Mendocino (with Iron Country Sisters), Helsinki.
December 10. 2014: Sävy-klubi @ Ravintola Oiva, Helsinki.
December 5. 2014: Singer-songwriter night, The Doo-Bop Club, Vaasa.
November 22. 2014: A Grand Experience @ Kulturskafferiet Ritz, Vaasa.
August 7. 2014: Night of the arts at The Doo-Bop Club, Vaasa.
July 27. 2014: SandvikFest 2014, Björnlunda, Sweden.
July 26. 2014: Lasse i Parken, Stockholm, Sweden.
June 30. 2014: Feministiskt Initiativ på Gotland, Almedalen, Visby, Sweden,
June 27. 2014: Ella Music Festival, Joda Bar, Visby, Sweden.
April 27. 2014: Femme Konserter, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden.
April 12. 2014: Hedbergs Bok o Musikkafé (with Lovisa Hellsten & Cosmic Blonde), Visby, Gotland, Sweden.
April 11. 2014: Nunnan (with Love Varg feat. Matilda Wiezell), Visby, Sweden.
March 14. 2014: A Grand night with friends (Nightbird feat. Grand), The Doo-Bop Club, Vaasa, Finland.
February 12. 2014: Musikcafé After Eight, Jakobstad, Finland.
January 19. 2014: Twang Gitarrer Och Kaffe, Stockholm.
January 18. 2014: Fotografiska, Stockholm.
January 14. 2014: Girls & Boys, Southside Cavern, Stockholm.
January 10. 2014: Flavour of the Month, Pikku-Torre, Turku, Finland.
November 11. 2013: Liberté international@Liberté Lounge, Club Liberté, Helsinki.
November 9. 2013: Faustivalen (ÅA, Humanistiska Fakultetet), Turku, Finland.
November 8. 2013: Musiikkikahvila Sointu, Turku, Finland.
October 19. 2013: Singer-songwriter night (with Markus Bergfors, Jerry Lindqvist, Jim Videgård), The Doo-Bop Club, Vaasa, Finland.
October 11. 2016: Friday I’m in love, Musikcafé After Eight, Jakobstad, Finland.
August 14. 2013: Bound for folk, Bar D.O.M., Vaasa, Finland.
March 28. 2012: Bara Unplugged, Baravi Bar, Stockholm, Sweden.

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Nightbird travelogue

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Live reviews WTM: Nightbird som levande sagoväsen (recension) Fürther Kultifest sprühte vor Originalität


Reviews of the self-titled debut album Nightbird

“The self-titled debut includes both a restless searching and a peaceful atmosphere that makes the world stop for a little while” Gaffa, 5/6

 “(Nightbird) has an evocatively embracing voice that sounds like a mash-up of M. Ward and a lot of Cat Power-diction. I want more!” Värmlands Folkblad, 4/5

“All Wrong is like a little nightmare from a Tom Waits circus. The music has an impressive poise in its low-keyness, especially considering that this is a debut album.” Smålandsposten, 4/5

“Atmospheric and beautiful. The album could possibly be a bit longer, but you can always listen to it one more time, and that’s something you definitely want to do.” Ung Tro, 4/5

"A relatively unestablished artist who’s really confident in her creating. An artist who is original, even if we can sense a little blues, jazz, and yes maybe even sounds that make you think of electronic music, art music and experimental music. A slide guitar emphasizes the blues and takes us back in time, whereas the other sounds take us to the future. Therefore, maybe the etiquette “timeless” is quite suitable." Tidningen Kulturen


Interview and album review

“The Vaasa-born Anna-Stina Jungerstam’s solo album has a rare honesty that makes you think of Tom Waits and Johnny Cash among others.” Svenska YLE

“Fills ones ears with perfection and one can understand why the producer Katharina Nuttall, who has previously worked with Ane Brun, took Nightbird under her wings.” Popmani










B O O K I N G    A N D    C O N T A C T